Janet Slade

Janet initially got interested in bookeeping through her involvement in the co-op movement. She worked in a workers co-op for 4 years (Grass Roots Books) and then in the housing co-op which owned her house, as a development worker. She decided after this to train as a chartered accountant and qualified in 1983 with a large firm in Manchester. From there she went to work with a small firm in Hebden Bridge and worked with a number of co-op clients. That firm collapsed and she set up on her own in Manchester in 1985/6. The practice grew, working mainly with co-operatives and then subsequently charities and eventually became Slade and Cooper as it is today.

Janet decided to have a change in 2006 and worked part time as a Policy Accountant for the Charity Commission in Liverpool until 2013. She now feels she is better informed than ever before on the technicalities of charity accounting. She has also been chair of The Ecology Building Society for a number of years.