Code of Good Governance Steering Group has developed a draft new Governance Code

The Code of Good Governance Steering Group has developed a draft new Governance Code. The draft Code proposes higher standards in a number of areas, including:

increased expectation in relation to aspects of board composition, dynamics and behaviours with explicit good practice recommendations about board size, frequency of board performance reviews and trustees’ terms of office

  • a new emphasis on the chair’s role in promoting good governance
  • emphasis on board diversity, supporting leadership and decision-making with a recommendation that larger charities publish an annual statement of the steps they have taken to address the boards diversity
  • a presumption that charities should be open in their work, including a public register of trustees’ interests, unless there is good reason not to
  • a recommendation that charities use their annual report to say how they apply the code and an explanation of any aspects which they do differently.

The CCEW has published their response to the consultation on this draft new code. We will update you on the conclusions from the consultation.

Charity Governance Code

New code of governance consultation – a response from the Charity Commission for England and Wales

A new Code for Sports Governance has also been launched by UK Sport and Sport England which sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity that will be required from any organisation seeking funding.