How much will it cost?

We recognise that for many organisations the annual accounts are seen as an unwelcome and expensive burden, a bit like an annual visit to the dentist. The amount we charge depends on a number of factors, such as how well your accounting records are kept, how much reconciliation work is done by you rather than us, the level of activity and the complexity of your organisation. Our fees are also based on our charge-out rates, which are low by industry standards.

Our price guarantee

  • We will always stick to quoted prices, unless there is some problem (for example, inadequate records) in which case we will discuss this with you and give you the opportunity to address it.
  • We will not make extra charges every time you phone us for a bit of advice. We want our clients to feel relaxed about their relationship with us. In the long run we think this leads to a more productive relationship for all.
  • If a job takes less time than anticipated, we will charge you less.
  • We will always point out ways in which you can do things more efficiently so making our job easier. If there are multiple issues resulting in an expensive audit, then our aim is to address those problems and help you to make the audit more efficient and therefore cheaper in future years. Ultimately what we want is what you want – a smooth and efficient process at a fair price.
  • If there is significant extra work we will discuss this with you and seek your agreement before undertaking it.
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