Who we are

Values and mission

Our mission statement was developed as a collaborative exercise by all staff at Slade & Cooper. It reflects the fact that we are brought together by an interest in and often a personal involvement in co-operatives and charities. Our values run through the way we work together, the way the practice is managed, and our relationships with clients, which is personal and supportive. Above all we want our clients to succeed because we believe in what they do, and the way they do it. We want to help them to achieve positive social change.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a personal, specialised and quality service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We support organisations and individuals who are involved in positive social change. We provide a working environment with opportunities for participation and self-development for all staff. We treat everyone involved in our business with integrity and consideration, beyond the requirements of professional ethics. We proactively seek to share the knowledge gained through our own experience and that of our clients and networks.

A unique way of working

Our mission statement underlies the way that we organise our practice and the way that we work with our clients. Our practice has a relatively flat management structure with a high principal-to-staff ratio, and all staff are encouraged to participate in the management function. In our work with clients, the principals are ‘hands on’ and deeply involved in client work. You will find us always accessible and approachable, ready to engage with you and give impromptu advice. Our ethical approach informs our pricing policy.

Slade & Cooper – accounting for positive social change